Akuard World

We aim to encourage all our users to play together and play the way they want to. We aim to host weekly events in the popular games being played at the time. That being said we are always looking to expand into other games if new users request to see events or other users to play with.

We are a casual group and have great fun playing. We play as an open group and although members have their specialities, as a group we like to do pretty much everything in game as long as it's fun.

We are always looking for new users to join worldwide. We play a variety of games including flight simulators, first person shooters, strategy and roleplay. When joining the discord server you'll be required to read the rules and to be sure you can commit to being part of the community.



Akuard is a community originally known for it's realism and coop, mainly in Arma 2. In June 2011 the community evolved and re-branded to the name Akuard World refocusing attention to multigaming but still catering all types of play style.

Over a period of two and a half years Akuard has became an extremely organised community. The community has grown to such an extent during this time combining players from all forms of gaming and skill level, this leads to another evolution and a break away from a singular game.

Akuard World was created as a way to provide the community what they wanted – a multi gaming community without limitations of any sole gaming title. We’re immersed in our goal to provide a relaxed and supportive community and each of our sections are managed by dedicated members that look forward to assisting our member base of enthusiastic gamers.